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The Christian Science Monitor: “A Riveting Page-Turner”

-A review by the Christian Science Monitor

Hoping for a better world – quickly? “Abundance” promises to take you there.

By Kate Vander Wiede / February 28, 2012

…There is no hype in the pages of “Abundance.” Instead, Kotler and Diamandis patiently and carefully answer the skeptical thoughts they know you will have. They keenly dismantle your defenses through their presentation of research and facts. Not only is “Abundance” a riveting page-turner (hasn’t soothsaying always been popular?), but it’s a book that values your intelligence by being honest and shooting straight.

With so much information packed into so few pages, “Abundance” can be an overwhelming read. But perhaps that’s the point. Your mind fills with so much good news, so much progress, so much innovation, that by the book’s end, there seems to be no question as to whether we are headed down the path toward abundance. Of course we are.

“Abundance” is more than an interesting account of new-fangled technologies is because it gives us a vision of the future that is not just bright, but attainable. It gives us reason not just to hope, but to act.

“Abundance” gives us a future worth fighting for. And even more than that, it shows us our place in that fight…

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