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Making solar power competitive with coal

By the end of the decade, U.S. manufacturers could make solar panels that are less than half as expensive as the ones they make now.

At 52 cents per watt, that would be cheap enough for solar power to compete with electricity from fossil fuels, according to a new study by MIT researchers in Energy & Environmental Science. Assuming similar cost reductions for installation and equipment, solar power would cost six cents per kilowatt-hour in sunny areas of the U.S. — less than the 15 cents per kilowatt-hour average cost of electricity in the U.S. today.

Improvements would include an alternative to the wasteful process now used to make silicon wafers, methods of handling thin wafers to avoid breaking, installation cost-reduction, and improved light absorption, such as using nanostructured layers.

– From Kurzweil AI

  • http://bernieashman.com Bernie Ashman

    I just saw Peter being interviewed by host Ali Velshi on the CNN Money Show and was blown away by his comments about the Future! It is exciting and stimulating to see that there are people with inventive minds courageously interested in changing the future into more abundant living for all of us!!

    Bernie Ashman, author

  • Dean N Gianopoulos

    I am very exicited to hear that REAL people are staking their beliefs, money, and their lives on solving our REAL world problems by not just their ideas but their actions. My son Nick is in his Senior Year working with Red Whitaker on helping to develop a LUNAR rover with a great team of entreprenours, professors, students (Astrobotics) in competing for the X Prize, that you have founded.

    I am tired of politicians, just talking about the problems, not helping our people solve their problems of the day.

    I defintiely will read your book. My son will be working at GE Aviation this summer on an internship at Cincinnati, Ohio.

    He will be conitnuing his education, pursuing a master in Mechincal Engineering by December of this year.

    He loves Aeronuatical Engineering, He has gotten some very valuable experience at CMU toward I hope a successfull

    career. I hope he can conttribute in whatever way he can to solve our great problems of the day

    Dean N. Gianopoulos.

  • http://www.jeofflongofficial.com Jeoff Long

    I totally agree that the structure of today’s educational system is totally out of date.

  • http://www.emsbusiness.com Marilyn Alverio

    Agree with Dean! So inspiring, trying to download chaper 1 right now. Thanks Petere.

  • jacques kpodonu

    I agree with Peter, Many of us have the solutions to some of these problems but have no outlet and the finances to carry this out.
    I am a cardiovascular surgeon and believe that the future of health care belongs to the smartphone. There has to be a liason between the physician and the engineers so that the medical content that s developed is paired with technology and delivered to the point of care in real time over the smart phone.
    It is possible to take a picture of your heart or record the electric activity of your heart with a smart phone and send it to your physician in real time to any part of the world .In the not to distance future it would be possible to use automated imaging algorithms paired to robotics to perform telerobotic surgery at remote locations .The future is here and I hope that those with visionary ideas and the know how can partner with industry and organizations like X prize to radically change health care and make it affordable,available,reachable and for all and not just for a few .
    jacques Kpodonu,MD

  • Lars Heiselberg

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    Which is Yours and mine..if You want it to be!
    Together you and I, and many others, can make a tremendous difference by taking action through our activities and transactions, donating many small gifts.
    This can be done effectively and easy by incorporating trees in our products, services and activities.
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    Planting trees is a powerful and simple action!
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  • Stanfordmmiv

    I agree that solar power can be made affordable within the decade.  We are close now.  I currently purchase wafers for about 45 cents per watt and can build a panel for about a dollar fifty per watt.  The costs that make it prohibitive are in the controllers and batteries.  With improvements in battery manufacturing methods hopefully these equipments cost will come down as well.

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