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Q/A with Peter and Steven

Inspired by Abundance

Jason Silva (Host/Producer for Current TV, Filmmaker, Storyteller and self-described “philosophical performer”) was one of the earliest readers of Abundance. Jason was so inspired by Abundance that he made this video mash-up.

Abundance Book Trailer

Abundance vs. Scarcity debate at TED 2012

Watch Peter’s 2012 TED talk and weigh in on the debate for “Abundance vs. Scarcity” at http://www.ted.com/talks/peter_diamandis_abundance_is_our_future.html

An Awesome Adventure to the Future

By Patrick Tucker, THE FUTURIST magazine, 2012.02.24

…The story of the future as told by Diamandis and Kotler is a hopeful one. The cost of photovoltaic solar energy has fallen through the floor from $25 just a couple of decades ago to less than $5 per watt. The number of active community foundations has quadrupled since 1980. Internet adoption rates have advanced at a staggering clip and all of this is enabling smart people to do a lot more with a lot less. Tomorrow’s billion-dollar companies are springing up in places that we today dismiss as wastelands. In the next few years, breakthroughs in genetics, crop creation and distribution, educational gaming, nanomanufacturing, and artificial intelligence will allow humanity to rethink how we do everything, from how we raise food to how we teach the complicated skills necessary to succeed in this, humanity’s transitional century.

Diamandis and Kotler have already done a lot of thinking along those lines. They got to the future just a few steps before the rest of us. Their adventure jumps off the pages of Abundance.

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The Future is Much Better Than You Think

By Lucy Bernholz at Philanthropy 2173

There are certain debates that seem defined as much by their polarization as by their substance. The pro-choice, pro-life divide comes to mind. Technology as utopia/dystopia is another. These kinds of arguments have a special component to them – the tactic of disarming your opponent first, then making your own point. Peter Diamindis and Steve Kolter’s forthcoming Abundance: Why the Future will be Much Better Than You Think is a masterwork of this approach.

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Our Future of Abundance

By Daniel Honan at BigThink.com, 2012.02.08

It’s not easy being an optimist in 2012. There’s just too much to worry about: a global economic downturn, climate change, overpopulation, nuclear proliferation, failing education systems, you name it.

We are bombarded with bad news all the time, and we eagerly eat it up because our brains are gluttons for fear and danger.

As Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler note in their important and captivating new book, Abundance: Why the Future Will Be Much Better Than You Think, our pessimism is generated by a set of neurons located deep in the brain called the amygdala which collectively function as ”an early warning system, an organ always on high alert,” whose job is basically to prevent us from becoming some large carnivore’s lunch.

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The Economist: A godsend for those who suffer from Armageddon fatigue

– The Economist Magazine, March 3, 2012

THE lab-on-a-chip (LOC) is a small device with a huge potential. It can run dozens of diagnostic tests on human DNA in a few minutes. Give the device a gob of spit or a drop of blood and it will tell you whether or not you are sick without any need to send your DNA to a laboratory. In poor countries LOCs could offer diagnostics to millions who lack access to expensive laboratories. In the rich world they may curb rising medical costs.

The world has been so dogged by bad news of late that it is almost possible to forget about tiny miracles like the LOC. But [Abundance] remind[s] us that boffins continue to make the world a better place even as politicians strive to do the opposite. Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler make a breezy case for optimism in “Abundance: The Future is Better Than You Think”…a godsend for those who suffer from Armageddon fatigue. They also remind us that technology keeps improving despite economic gloom…

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The Christian Science Monitor: “A Riveting Page-Turner”

-A review by the Christian Science Monitor

Hoping for a better world – quickly? “Abundance” promises to take you there.

By Kate Vander Wiede / February 28, 2012

…There is no hype in the pages of “Abundance.” Instead, Kotler and Diamandis patiently and carefully answer the skeptical thoughts they know you will have. They keenly dismantle your defenses through their presentation of research and facts. Not only is “Abundance” a riveting page-turner (hasn’t soothsaying always been popular?), but it’s a book that values your intelligence by being honest and shooting straight.

With so much information packed into so few pages, “Abundance” can be an overwhelming read. But perhaps that’s the point. Your mind fills with so much good news, so much progress, so much innovation, that by the book’s end, there seems to be no question as to whether we are headed down the path toward abundance. Of course we are.

“Abundance” is more than an interesting account of new-fangled technologies is because it gives us a vision of the future that is not just bright, but attainable. It gives us reason not just to hope, but to act.

“Abundance” gives us a future worth fighting for. And even more than that, it shows us our place in that fight…

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