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Vaccine Manufacturing Gets Boost from Tobacco Plants

Canada-Based Medicago Opens U.S. Facility to Exploit Its Influenza Vaccine Production Method…

Medicago says it’s improving the production of influenza vaccines in two ways: The firm starts with virus-like particles (VLPs) to generate a vaccine, and then it manufactures large quantities of a vaccine in the leaves of tobacco plants. Its technology platform is readily adaptable for the mass production of seasonal and pandemic vaccines, as well as biosimilars and other types of proteins.

Medicago’s manufacturing platform uses Nicotiana benthamiana, also known as Australian tobacco. In 1999, Louis-Phillippe Vezina, Ph.D., co-founded Medicago to explore the manufacturing of proteins in alfalfa plants. Dr. Vezina, CSO, named the company Medicago after the Latin name for alfalfa. Company researchers later discovered that tobacco produces higher yields of VLP-based vaccines than alfalfa.

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Electronic healthcare records—finally

Costco has launched a comprehensive Electronic Heath Records (EHR) and Practice Management (PM) software and service solution nationally to healthcare providers announces Etransmedia Technology, Inc. Costco entered into an agreement with two healthcare technology leaders, Etransmedia, and Allscripts, to test market the software solution to its healthcare provider members. With the early success and high demand for the solution in test markets, Costco has progressed from the test phase to full national launch.

This exclusive Costco offer includes ARRA certified Allscripts MyWay EHR and PM software solutions. This solution includes a web based Patient Portal, training and implementation services, and is fully hosted with maintenance and support. The solution was engineered to revolutionize the process of EHR delivery by providing a simple, comprehensive, and all inclusive package at a price that sets a new standard in the industry. Healthcare providers can learn more about the offer at www.costcoehr.com.

“As the leading ASP provider of EHR and PM solutions, we have the ability to leverage our partnership to deliver the product quality and value associated with Costco Wholesale,” said Vikash Agrawal, Chairman of Etransmedia. “And with the early success of this program, we can now offer nationally through Costco, an ARRA-certified software and service solution to help physicians qualify for up to $44,000 in federal stimulus.

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