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How did Peter and Steven come to write this book?

Peter and Steven first meet in 2000, when Steven wrote an article on the X PRIZE for GQ magazine. Peter so enjoyed Steven’s writing style that he approached him about an early collaboration on that same subject (which did not move forward). A decade later, in Spring 2010, Peter again approached Steven on a book collaboration – this time on the concept of Abundance. Peter had come to this organizing principal through his work on X PRIZE and Singularity University. To his pleasant surprise, Steven had been considering similar ideas, and brought his expertise and unique perspective on technology, food, education, energy, the environment and the neuroscience/psychology of abundance to this work. Writing this book was a journey of discovery for both of them. While the book is written Peter’s voice, and through his personal stories, (which, given the nature of his work, have direct relevance here and provide a clear, easy-to-read narrative flow) the effort is a true partnership. The ideas and the writing in Abundance were shared equally between Peter and Steven.

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