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What are the Forces Leading to Abundance?

In addition to the powerful tools being created by the exponential growth of technology, we believe that three forces are conspiring to significantly improve global standards of living. These forces are the DIY Innovator, the Technophilanthropist and the Rising Billion.

DIY Innovators: DIY innovators are individuals and small groups empowered by exponential technologies and driven by the desire to take on humanity’s grand challenges. As we explore in the book, these groups now have the ability to tackle problems that were once the sole domain of governments and major corporations and NGOs.

Technophilanthropist: Today there are more than 1,400 billionaires and 93,000 “ultra-high-net-worth” individuals. Many of these are young, entrepreneurs who have made their money in technology and are interested in using that wealth to slay some of the world’s grand challenges. We call these individuals Technophilanthropists.

Rising Billion: These are the poorest people on Earth, the so-called “bottom billion.” We have renamed this group the “Rising Billion” because, thanks to the exponential spread of communication and information technologies (like the smart phone), these people are coming on line for the very first time. Their voices, which have never before been heard, are suddenly joining the global conversation. Aided by these technologies, the Rising Billion are beginning to pull themselves out of poverty. They are already on their way to becoming a powerful and significant consuming segment of humanity, and many companies are rushing to develop ultra-low cost products to meet their needs. This effort will drive down the price of basic goods and services in a fashion that will benefit everyone. The Rising Billion are also become a producing and consuming segment of humanity, generating new ideas, insights, products and services that add to the overall wealth of Earth.

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