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Wanted: Abundance Insiders Team

The book is only the beginning.

You believe in Abundance. You want to create a better future for the world. You have what it takes to make it happen. Then join the Abundance Insiders Volunteer Team – because the book is only the beginning.

We are looking for passionate doers who can lead: versatile and talented individuals who will do whatever it takes to getting things done, but are also not shy to propose ideas and be in charge.

All positions are part-time, volunteer positions, and you can work remotely (anywhere in the world). Leadership positions require a minimum commitment of 10 hours per week, while other positions may be flexible depending on your availability. The exceptional individuals may be hired for paid positions in the future as the Abundance project grows.

What do you get for your hard work and passion?

  • You can showcase your skills to a wide, international audience;
  • You will be featured on the Abundance website as a core team member;
  • You will develop business, management and technical skills in a fast-moving project;
  • You will play a critical role in growing the Abundance project and community from its nascent stage;
  • You will participate in high-level strategic planning, as well as being in the center of development of all things Abundance;
  • You will grow your professional network and get professional contacts;
  • You will be invited to Abundance VIP Events.

  Available Positions:

Below are the positions we are currently filling. If you have skills and passion but don’t see a perfect job title for you, propose your own!

IT Director / Webmaster

You will manage, maintain and help implement all things web-related for Abundance. You have experiences in managing and maintaining a website. You love programming and website development, and have the skills to design and implement small, new features for Abundancethebook.com (or find tools and open-source codes to help you). For bigger programming projects, you will be in charge of finding and managing contractors for implementation.

Web Programmer

Love programming and want to be part of the Abundance Insiders Team? We want to hear from you! As the website and its community grows, we constantly need the development of small, new features. If you enjoy a variety of small programming projects that require a few hours a week, join our programmers’ team.

Abundance Index Researcher

The Abundance Index is an aggregate index we are proposing to help measure the world’s progress toward abundance in essential human needs such as water, energy, food, education, healthcare, freedom. The goal is to create an index that aggregates existing data being actively maintained by reputable organizations, to reflect the quality and availability of each essential human need. The index will be published at a major online news outlet. You will work with a team of researchers, under the direction of the Abundance Index Project Manager, to help identify data sources and create the model for the Abundance Index.

Social Media Evangelist

You are in charge of keeping the pulse on all things social media. You will compile Abundance news and release them through social media. You will draft and release tweets, Facebook updates, etc. You will keep track of all feedbacks and comments from our community members, respond to comments promptly, and provide a weekly summary of the community’s pulse for the whole Abundance team.

Blogger Relations Manager

You will coordinate with our publisher and publicist to manage blogger relationship. You will help develop and execute blogger engagement projects. You will monitor blogs, small and major, for articles, mentions, and comments on Abundance, and respond to comments when necessary. You will provide weekly summary on the buzz for Abundance in the blogosphere.

Video Channel Producer

You are in charge of the Abundance Youtube Channel, as well as other video presence of Abundance. You will work to create buzz for Abundance, help make our videos viral, and help grow the Abundance community by designing and executing crowd-sourced video projects (such as readers’ reactions to Abundance, and the Abundance Video Competition). The ideal candidate will also have the video/flm prodcution skills to help create new videos for Abundance.

Video Editor

You have editing, film-processing and story-telling skills, and you enjoy making snazzy videos to engage the Abundance community. You will help create new videos for Abundance, and your work will be seen by a growing, international audience.

Marketing Designer/Copywriter

You have the graphic design skills and copywriting skills to implement marketing ideas, and you have plenty of creative ideas of your own to help ignite a new global conversation around Abundance, and away from doom and gloom. Your work will be seen by an international audience, and you will be instrumental in the growth of the Abundance project.

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