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  • tom moses

    i have read the book on Kindle after seeing the video on the internet and have sent it around the world to anyone I could think of. Tom moses

  • Athenian Garden

    Ihave just finish reading Abundance on Kindle.Very exiting future.  i am telling all my friends to read it

  • Dhill

    This book is one of the greatest reads I’ve had for some time. I did not realize the trend in reporting the future and technology was to paint a bleak picture until I read Abundance. The book is filled with many awe inspiring examples of the work that today’s Giants are doing. Inspiring to say the least, thank you.

  • Mike Matt

    Wonderful book.  I might buy a copy for all of my clients.

  • Freespeakersgroup

    Last time I was this encouraged after reading or hearing something was Earl Nightingale’s Lead the Field series…been a while, huh?
    Well done!

  • Raptor12g

    It’s in our hands to make the changes necessary for a successful tomorrow. Our government is caught in quick-sand and wants to carry the rest of us down with it. We as free thinkers must overwhelm government and exile to the back side of the moon the slugs who preach dome. But, again these same slugs are good at telling us what we want to hear and to many of us have one foot in the same quick sand as the slugs. I’m 64 a baby boomer, musician, Vietnam Veteran and currently writing my first book that you will see at the movies. I’m on the move, excited about tomorrow but I’m no fool. Freedom is not free. Fight for Freedom. A high price has been paid for your freedoms. Any government that wishes to enslave America is itself doomed. In this country we understand that we the people are replaceable. So than is governments, cooperations, oil companies and a slew of outdated dinosaurs chocking this country to death.

  • Mayrac

    Restored my faith in humanity…great positive book. 

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