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Your Abundance Book Pre-Order and Bonus Gifts

On February 23, we sent out the following email to everyone who pre-ordered the book, to the email address you provided when you pre-ordered the book. If you did not receive it, please check your spam folder. If it’s not there, please email p1@abundancethebook.com to update your email address.

Here’s the email you missed: 

Dear ___,

Abundance debuted on February 21st as #1 best seller on Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble. Thank you for your support!

When can you expect your book?

Your book was shipped on February 21st by USPS (regular mail). You can expect it to arrive within 3-7 business days in the U.S., and within 5-15 business days overseas. If you ordered more than one book, they may arrive one at a time (not necessarily on the same day).

Please contact p1@abundancethebook.com if you have not received your book by March 2 in the USA, and by March 15 overseas. (Your book will very likely arrive way before these dates, but please allow for the normal variation and delay in regular mail.)

We’d appreciate it very much if you will post a positive and honest review on Amazon.com!


About the bonus thank-you gifts:

Transcendent Man Documentary

You can now download the documentary. Please visit the documentary website http://transcendentman.com/. Find the banner for Abundance at the bottom of the page. Click at the bottom of the banner where it says “Redeem the code you received when you preordered Abundance for a digital copy of Transcendent Man”. Enter the access code and you’ll be taken to the download page. (The file size is 1.8G and will take time to download.) Enjoy! (The access code is in the original email that was sent on February 23 to the email address you provided. If you cannot find that email, please email p1@abundancethebook.com with your name and order ID to get the code.)

Singularity University’s Private Graduate-Training Video Library

The never-before-released, private video library of Singularity University’s graduate training lectures will be ready for you within 2 weeks. Singularity University is preparing and uploading all the videos. We’ll send you access information as soon as the video library is ready.

Singularity University’s $1,200 gift certificate (valid in 2012)

If you wish to redeem your gift certificate for any of Singularity University’s 7-day Executive Programs in 2012, please contact Singularity University www.singularityu.org and mention that you have received this gift certificate from pre-ordering Abundance. Singularity University will be able to verify this and sign you up.

Meet the Authors Live Online
You will receive an invitation shortly for the event. We look forward to meeting you online to answer your questions LIVE!
Peter Diamandis & Steven Kotler

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